Delee McDougall - Registered Psychologist

I will work with smaller groups of students that have been referred by the Learning Specialists. Once we work with a student we can provide a more in-depth assessment that will help develop better recommendations tailored to individuals needs to enhance their success.

With comprehensive assessments of health, wellness, cognitive abilities, academic achievement, and functional skills, we can provide recommendations and accommodations that may include assistive technology or other resources that will aid in a student’s success. If necessary, we are able to make an official diagnosis.

Once a student has been referred to a psychologist, we will work with you to find appropriate times to meet.

If you need me:

There are two full-time psychologists who travel between campuses. Our main office can be found at the Saskatoon Main Campus in Room 202, or we can be reached through email:

Delee McDougall: mcdougalld@siit.ca          Tanya Lyons-Belt: lyons-beltt@siit.ca

Get to know me !

In my downtime, I can generally be found outdoors, sitting on the porch, going for walks, working in the garden, or helping at my family farm.

I do enjoy the colour Maroon; you might even say it’s my favourite!

If I were a fruit, I would be a watermelon – because it’s refreshing.