Dion Tootoosis - Cultural Coordinator

I collaborate with different departments within SIIT to deliver capacity building activities, develop and provide educational sessions/workshops, coordinate projects and events that ensure cultural inclusion and appropriate program development and delivery.

I can help students at SIIT when they need cultural and linguistic support and resources for their academic, or personal life.



If you need me:

I can be found in person at the Community Resource Center located in the Student Success Centre. You may also reach me through email at: tootoosisd@siit.ca

Get to know me !

I am a professional emcee, so chances are if you are at a Powwow or Round dance I am there. I do it for fun and it’s good to help communities when they need a public speaker. I’m also a movie fanatic (I am a regular at the theatre)!.. and I love Game of Thrones!!!

My favourite type of music is Thrash Metal, more specifically: Metallica (the greatest band of all time)

If I were a fruit, I would be a tomato for two reasons… 1. Because it is red on the outside and on the inside, and 2. It does not look like it, but it is indeed a fruit. That’s just like me, I do not look 45, but I really am.