Shawna Worm - Community Resource Worker

I work with SIIT students to assist in their transition to school life by providing:

  • leads to low income housing
  • transportation
  • alternative funding sources
  • community resources for leisure activities in the city
  • the Foodbank and dress for success.

I will also refer students to different Success Services staff based on their needs.

If students need help finding housing, childcare or alternative funding options; or if you need additional help with resources in the city: Electricity, gas, water, sewer and garbage; or if you need to get your U-pass (Saskatoon residents only).

If you need me:

I can be found in the Community Resource Centre Located in the Student Success Centre, or my email at: worms@siit.ca

Get to know me !

If I’m on my downtime at work, you can find me at my desk eating, or in the smoking area. If I’m away from SIIT, I am spending time with family.

If I were a fruit, I would be a Pineapple: wears a crown, brown on the outside and sweet on the inside.

My favourite movie is Coal Miners Daughter.