Christina Johnson-Quan - Learning Specialist

My role as a Teaching Specialist is to provide students at SIIT with a safe environment for them to feel successful in their studies. 

If you have struggled in the past with studies (whether it was highschool or a different Post-Secondary course), or if the current curriculum is starting to become overwhelming, please reach out or contact me if you would like additional help.

I can help by guiding students through their classroom experiences and teach them various skills to attain academic success:  Time management, study skills, note taking strategies, memory and test taking strategies, etc. 

If you need me:

 I can be found at the Saskatoon Main Campus in Room 202,  or through email at: johnson-quanc@siit.ca.

I am available Monday to Friday, before/after classes, possibly during class if you have permission. 

Get to know me!

If I were a fruit, I would be a coconut. The outer shell is quite tough and rough yet the inside is very tender and sweet. What would you be?

One of my most favourite things to do on a summer night is to sit outside in silence and listen to late night chirps of the birds and watch the stars' glitter in the sky among the dancing northern lights.