Business Winter 2018 Returning Year 2

The Business program will train you to work in a small, medium or large company or organization. You will also learn how to run your own business! The program provides learners with the necessary skills for success in a rapidly changing work environment.

Graduates from the business program typically start their careers in entry level positions. Depending on the position, you could see a starting salary of anywhere between $40K and $60K.

  • Management
  • Administration
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Merchandising
  • Personnel
  • Customer Service
  • Entrepreneurship



Interested in a university degree?  We can help with that, too!

The SIIT Business program is recognized by both The Edwards School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan and First Nations University of Canada. We have agreements with both institutions which allow a Business graduate to transfer into their programs and potentially complete a degree in as little as two additional years.


How the Program works

The Business program is a two-year diploma program. The first year covers fundamental concepts required for all business professionals. The content in the second year consists of a core portion of courses with the remainder divided into three specializations. The specializations are Business Administration, Accounting and Human Resources. To graduate, students must complete all courses with a minimum overall average of 60%.

NOTE: Not all specializations are necessarily available at all campuses.

For more information, contact the department at 306-477-9240 or an academic advisor at 306-477-9345.

How do I get in?

Academic Requirement(s):

  • Regular/Adult 12 with Math Foundations 30* and English

Mature Admission:

  • Students applying with a GED or incomplete high school may still qualify via a CAAT test. Contact an advisor for more information at 306-477-9345 or

Non-Academic Requirement(s):

  • In-person interview

*other older 30 level Math may be accepted.


Tuition: $3700.00
Book and Resources: $1500.00
Compulsory Fees: $525.00

Returning Students

Ready to come back?!?

If so, we're ready to help you get back on track to success!

We regularly review and update our program. Because of that, it's important that you contact us to find out what you need to know about the program and where you'll step in to get going again. We can help figure out a plan to get you back on the path to reaching your career goals!

Contact the department at 306-477-9240 to find out more.

Graduation Requirements

Completion of all SIIT academic requirements.

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