Electrical Applied Certificate

Learners interested in a career path as an electrician will be able to develop the knowledge and skills required of the industry. The program prepares participants in the lay out, assembly, installation, testing, troubleshooting and repair of electrical wiring, fixtures, control devices and related equipment.

Learners will receive in-class training and one week of direct work experience in a work placement. After completing the program, a four year apprenticeship program will need to be completed to receive certification as an Electrician. Successfuly completing the on-the-job traning, technical training and exams will result in you being awarded a journeyperson certificate. 

Earning potential for graduates can expect hourly wages from $15 - $20 for Level 1 apprentice electricians and $35 - $40 for journeypersons. 

  • Apprenticeship Electrician
  • Journeyperson Electrician
  • Industrial Electrician

Graduates find employment primarily in industrial facilities using high pressure boilers, such as pulp and paper operations, OSB plants, the oil and gas industry, the mining industry, heating and power plants, food processing plants, and in hospitals and other large facilities.

Career Opportunities

Graduates will find entry-level work employed by electrical contractors and building maintenance departments. Electricians work in all construction sectors, including: new construction, renovation, heavy industrial (e.g. mining), institutional and commercial. Graduates will be eligible to start as Level 1 apprentice electricians. 


Admission Requirements

Regular Admissions:

Academic Requirements:

  • Regular Grade 11
  • Regular Math 20
  • Any Science 10 Level
Graduation Requirements

Completion of all SIIT academic requirements.

Course Descriptions
  • ELEC 100 - Safety
  • ELEC 110 - Trade Math
  • ELEC 120 - Circuit Fundamentals
  • ELEC 130 - Electromotive Force Fundamentals
  • ELEC 140 - Lab Fundamentals
  • ELEC 150 - Electrical Code and Blueprint Reading
  • ELEC 160 - Work Placement/Special Project
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