• How can I find out more?

    Contact someone from the area or program you are thinking of applying to.


  • Will I get a job when I’m done studying at SIIT?

    Your success as a student and work placement evaluation will contribute to your success in the job search. SIIT graduates are in high demand!

  • What kind of pay will I receive with a Diploma?

    Your level of pay will be determined either by a pay scale, negotiations, duties required, or how much experience you already have.

  • How do I know if SIIT grads are getting jobs?

    An inventory of SIIT students and employers has been created to keep track of students who have obtained employment.

  • How do I make an appointment with a Life Coach?

    Contact your local SIIT Campus or Student Services to talk to a Life Coach.

  • Who do I contact to book a Mobile Career Coach to come to my community?

    Contact the Life Coaching Unit, at 1-306-477-9341.

  • Do the Career Coaches have a special licence to drive the RVs?

    No, they just require a valid Saskatchewan Class 5 License.

Getting Started

  • Where do I go for funding?

    For information on funding,including scholarships and bursaries, read Finding Funding on this page or go to Funding and Scholarships & Bursaries.
  • What are your programs?

    For a complete listing of SIIT program options, see Programs.

  • How long will it take to receive an acceptance letter?

    Once the Office of Admissions receives all required documentation for the program you are applying to and you have been interviewed, an acceptance letter will be forthcoming.

  • Where do I get my High School transcripts?

  • What courses are transferable to other institutions?

  • Where can I take training if I do not want to take a course in Saskatoon?

    SIIT Campuses are also located in Prince Albert and Regina. As well, there are seven Industrial Career Centre locations around Saskatchewan.


  • How and where do I apply to SIIT?

    You can apply online, at any SIIT location, or request to have an application form mailed or faxed to you.

  • Where are all the SIIT locations?

    The main campuses are in Saskatoon, Prince Albert and Regina. SIIT also provides community-based programs, but these are not brick-n-mortar campuses. In addition, Industrial Career Centres are found in seven communities across Saskatchewan.

  • Can I apply online?

    Yes, you can apply online.

  • What are the tuition rates for the school?

    Tuition varies depending on requirements. Contact the department for the program you are interested in for more information.

  • Are there any online programs?


    For 2013-2014

    Please check back for updates on future programming and locations 

    See Online Learning.

  • Can I take any evening classes for upgrading?


  • How do I get my transcripts?

    You can order your Saskatchewan high school transcript online.

  • Are the programs I apply for transferable to other schools?

    Yes, they are full transferability to the university of Lethbridge.
    For other schools, consult this online Transfer Guide.

  • Is there a cafeteria at your school?

    Yes, in Saskatoon. It's "The Village Cafe" (Lance Lafond, owner).

  • Can anyone apply for programming (i.e., Is there an age limit)?

    Anyone can apply. There is no age limit.

Industrial Career Centres

  • How do I hire your grads?

    Contact your local Construction Careers or Industrial Career Centre and speak with the Manager or a Job Coach to discuss your needs.