What are the Career Centres?

SIIT Career Centres help learners develop skills and also provide opportunities to establish careers in construction and other industrial sectors.

Skilled and apprenticeship training is offered at the eight Career Centres managed by SIIT across the province. Each Career Centre is industry driven and programming can address shortages coordinated to skilled labour in each particular area.

Services we provide:

  • Links to employment, technical training, job coaching,
  • Driver license training, career planning, academic upgrading,
  • Career counselling, safety training (SCOT / CSTS), apprenticeship training.

How do I get started

For information about each Career Centre:

Career Centre Management

Each Career Centre is guided by a Steering Committee.


The Career Centre Steering Committee consists of;

  • Partner representatives,
  • Regional stakeholders and,
  • Anyone interested in First Nation and Aboriginal labour force development initiatives.

The role of the Steering Committee is to:

  • Establish the goals and objectives of the Career Centre.
  • Provide overall direction to the operation of the Career Centre.
  • Provide direction on actions to achieve sustainable growth and development.
  • Provide direction for project administration and management.
  • Provide guidelines and strategies for assessment and evaluation of the Career Centre.

Upcoming Career Centre Programs