Connecting First Nations to employment

JobConnections works directly with First Nations to complement and enhance their employment development and career services. 

JobConnections assists clients in First Nations communities to address their career development needs. Employing an intake, assessment, and pre-employment workshop model, JobConnections can customize services for any community.


Utilizing a mobile classroom setting, complete with Internet connection and laptops set-up in your community, JobConnections:

  • Takes clients through a formal intake process.
  • Introduces clients to the SaskCareers website, Saskatchewan’s one-stop-shop for anyone who is planning their future path.
  • Offers a number of assessments ranging from learning styles, to career interests, from work values to intelligence types.
  • Now offers 15 pre-employment workshops that equip clients to be successful in their career development. The workshops range between three and five hours, require interactive client participation, and include handouts for future reference.

JobConnections also focuses on connecting employers with First Nation communities.  Employer engagement means that employers:

  • Travel on the road with us to participate in workshops/intake
  • Present overviews of their companies and provide informational interviews
  • Carry their own promotional brochures and take clients through their hiring process
  • Set up strategic recruitment events.

JobSeries Project

What is the JobSeries Project?

JobSeries Projects are pre-employment and pre-training learning opportunities for learners who require personal skills development, need assistance to develop career plans, find employment or to enhance work skills and maintain employment...


Interested in us coming to your community or working with your company to recruit First Nations employees?

Get more information or book JobConnections by contacting:

Manager, JobConnections
Employment Development and Career Services
Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies
Phone: 306-477-9343 or 306-371-6855