JOBSERIES PROJECT                

What is the JobSeries Project?

JobSeries Projects are pre-employment and pre-training learning opportunities for learners who require personal skills development, need assistance to develop career plans, find employment or to enhance work skills and maintain employment.  The Projects are purchased from SIIT by Labour Force Development Agencies, Enhanced Skills Development Programs (i.e. Social Development Programs) or employers who wish to develop a pool of employees for future employment.  


JobFocus is pre-employment and pre-training that targets learners who may have obstacles to overcome prior to implementing their career plan. An action plan is developed outlining their process to address their road blocks positively. To support the process and development of solutions, discussion topics include communications, problem solving, addictions, legal matters, behaviour, values, a healthy lifestyle, and technology.  This Project is delivered in eight weeks and suitable learners are youth age 18-24.  Funding for this Project is that which is designated for youth.

JobSkills is pre-training development that targets learners who need to strengthen basic learning foundation skills in order to participate in future specific career training. Learners are guided through a career map development process where they select an appropriate, specific employment goal and map out the activities that will help them attain their goal. Topics are organized into five main themes: lifestyle management, assessment of skill levels, learning/study skills, organizational skills, and exposure to career options.  Suitable clients are those who have a desire to develop long-term career planning and are committed to implementing the components of the career map.  The Project is 12 weeks, although adjustments may be made to accommodate a specific client group.  An example of funding for the Project may be a partnership with business or industry such as the mining sector, however, not limited to business or industry.  

JobFind is pre-employment development and active job search for people who possess the skills and credentials to qualify for specific jobs. Job seekers are given the opportunity to address small employment credential gaps and receive support in the active job application process. General employment skills development programming topics include getting organized, communication, job search, resume and cover letter writing, interview techniques, employability and life management.  Job seekers will have up to eight weeks to obtain employment.  An example of funding may be through ASETS Labour Force Development.

JobSuccess is professional development and skills enhancement for employees of a business. Discussion topics include lifestyle management, organizational skills, job maintenance, and career enhancement.  The Project is 12 weeks.  Funding would be provided by the employer or a partnership of funding which supports enhanced employee skills development.  

Agencies or employers may contact Myrna LaPlante, Manager, Career Services, email: or phone: (306) 477-9217.