SIIT gave me the  determination to overcome my fears. The small class sizes and the goal of success has motivated me and given me confidence to succeed.

  • SIIT student, Educational Assistant Program

Applying and Admission to SIIT

SIIT’s Admissions Advisors promote SIIT program information and the student experience at career fairs, community-based events and high school visits. To explore the current programs at SIIT, click the Programs link above, or visit our home page. Programs that are currently accepting applications will be identified under the program department box. Our Advisors are available to answer your questions about our programs, the entrance requirements and how to apply. 

If you are interested in applying to a SIIT program, please visit Applications to all SIIT programs are submitted through our online application form. 

If you have any questions, please call 306-373-4777 or email

Transcripts are Required when Applying for a Post-Secondary Program at SIIT

When applying to a post-secondary program at SIIT, your most recent high school/post- secondary transcript will be required.

For your high school transcript, go to "" and follow the screen prompts. 

The cost of your transcripts are $20.00 payable by online secure transactions using Visa, MasterCard or Debit.  You can also mail a cheque/bank draft/money order (DO NOT send cash in the mail) made payable to the Minister of Finance to:

   Student and Educator Services
   Regina Centre Crossing
   128 - 1621 Albert Street
   Regina, SK S4P 2S5

Please request to have your transcripts sent directly to SIIT. 

Required Documents to Complete your Application

There are some specific documents that are required for particular programs.  Examples of additional documents include a copy of your status card, your current resume, criminal record check, vulnerable sector check, or reference letters.  Click on the program that you are interested in and you will find the required documents for that program.  Please read the requirements carefully and start to collect these documents immediately after you submit your online application. 

An Advisor will be assigned to your application and will communicate with you through email, phone and/or text messaging in order to assist you to complete your application.  Please check your email regularly and maintain regular communication with your Advisor.  If, after 30 days, you choose not to communicate with your Advisor, your application will be closed.  Further interest in applying with SIIT will require you to re-apply. 

Additional Admission Requirements

SIIT aims to help each learner to be successful and we begin at the application stage.  After your transcripts and documents are received and reviewed by SIIT, you may be requested to come to a SIIT site to complete an entrance test and/or interview.  This test is to assess your academic readiness for your program of choice.  You will be provided the testing date and location.  It is very important for you to attend your scheduled test/interview date in order for your application to continue.  If you have questions about this, contact your Advisor.

Student Success Services at SIIT

The Department of Learning Services provides many supports to assist you in your personal and academic success once you have been accepted and while you study at SIIT.  Each campus site has support personnel to help all SIIT learners.  If you would like to speak with one of the Learning Services team, discuss your needs with your instructor or you can email and indicate what you are seeking support with and the appropriate Learning Services team member will contact you.


SIIT provides Elder support at each campus.  The Elders provide comfort and advice to support your success while attending SIIT.  Please check with the Learning Services staff at your location as to which days the Elder(s) are on Campus.

Transition Support Worker

The Transition Worker will be responsible for gathering information from learners that will enable SIIT to identify and provide the necessary support services.   The Transition Support Worker will collect data during the registration process to identify potential barriers and difficulties that one may experience as they begin their academic journey at SIIT.  They will follow-up with appropriate Learning Services team member as the applicant moves through the registration process and again track the learner’s employment results upon completion at SIIT. 

Success and Wellness Counselling

While attending SIIT, balancing your academic and social life is key to your success.  Prioritizing your activities, managing your time and finding balance in all aspects of your life will contribute to your success.   If you feel that you need support to align your responsibilities and goals, our support team is here to assist you.

At SIIT, we understand that there are many personal issues that may influence your academic success. You are not alone.  The Success and Wellness team  members are available to help you when you feel you need support to regain balance so that you can focus on your studies, fulfill your family responsibilities, continue to develop socially and  move forward along your journey.  The counselling team has many years of experience and they are available to listen and help you establish a plan.

  • Prince Albert Campus – Student Counsellor
  • Regina Campus—Success and Wellness Coach
  • Saskatoon Campus—Success and Wellness Counsellor
  • Community-based programs— Success and Wellness Coach/Counsellor from the nearest campus

Community Resource Worker

If you are relocating into an urban area and require assistance in seeking housing, child care, transportation information, or other information on community agencies and supports, our Community Resource Worker will share community connections with you in order to assist you with your transition.  The Community Resource Worker can also assist you in seeking available sponsorship options.

The Community Resource Worker is based out of the Saskatoon Campus and you can contact her at 306-477-9323. 

Teaching and Learning Consultant

The Teaching and Learning Consultant is based out of the Saskatoon Campus and is available to all SIIT students who would like to discuss strategies to help you to be academically successful. 

If you have experienced learning challenges and would like to discuss ways to address these challenges, the Teaching and Learning Consultant will work with you and your Instructors to assist you.  If you have completed an assessment prior to coming to SIIT, please provide a copy of this for the Consultant to review in order to develop an individualized educational plan with you.

Career & Employment Support

Throughout the year, it is beneficial to connect with potential employers and professional agencies/services that are associated with your field of study.   Our Employment Support personnel will assist all students with career planning and invite guests into the campuses to deliver noon hour ‘Lunch and Learn’ meetings so that you are connected with potential opportunities for employment.  In addition, they will support you with work readinesss, career coaching, resume preparation, portfolio building, job search and interview skills practice.

There are two Employment Advisors who serve all SIIT learners.  To make an inquiry with them, please email and an Employment Advisor will contact you directly.