Welcome to Saskatoon

City Connect

If you choose to study at our Saskatoon campus you may be curious to know that Saskatoon gets its name from the Cree word “misâskwatômina” which translates to mean ..........“the berries that grow along the river’s edge.”

Saskatoon Campus is located at 229- 4th Avenue South surrounded by the city’s best hotels, restaurants and major business areas. The convenience of this location for students is that it is close to the main bus terminal.

The Saskatoon Campus as it was originally named when it was established in 1998 housed four programs on two floors of the building with approximately 50 students. Today the Saskatoon Campus accommodates approximately 300 full-time students on four floors.

Campus Life

Saskatoon has the institute’s largest and busiest campus that consists of approximately 300 students with about 150 staff in a seven floor building. It is also where most of SIIT’s administration is located so it’s not unusual to run into the Dean of your program or even the Vice-President of Academics.

Between staff and students you will always see some active involvement in fundraising for students, outside organizations or various activities involving food. There’s no need to get nervous here though.

At the Saskatoon campus everyone has a smile and is genuinely happy to see you and make an effort to stop and chat. Many think of the Saskatoon campus as one big happy family!

Amidst the busy hallways and second floor of the Saskatoon campus you will find all kinds of resources await the student in need.

Saskatoon Services:

  • Cultural Room
  • Career Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Job Coach
  • Elder Services
  • Resource Centre
  • Computers
  • Student Lounge
  • Student Leadership
  • Cultural Events
  • Power Lunches
  • Various Celebrations
  • Food Hampers

Contact Information:

Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies

229 – 4th Avenue South

Saskatoon, SK S7K 4K3

Ph: 306-373-4777

Fax: 306-373-4977

Toll-free: 1-877-282-5622

Email: saskatooncampus@siit.ca