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How to Access Scholarships

  • Once you are admitted into a SIIT program you are able to apply for scholarships. Scholarships are available during certain months and deadline dates vary so please refer to each individual scholarship for applicable information.
  • To see the list of scholarships available for your program, log into mySIIT and scroll through the online scholarships applications located at mySIIT. If you need assistance in applying please contact one of our learning consultants.

Did you know that SIIT has more than 25 sponsors creating opportunities for SIIT to offer more than 90 scholarships per year?

  • Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, SIIT is able to award student scholarships throughout the academic year. SIIT offers student scholarships for a variety of programs at every campus. Not all scholarships are based on academics; some are based on community involvement, financial need or volunteer involvement.
  • Our SIIT Student Scholarships range from $200 to $5000 and students are encouraged to apply for all scholarships that are applicable to their program. Please read through the scholarships carefully to see whether you are eligible to apply.

Contributing to Education: SIIT’s Amazing Sponsors

  • SIIT sincerely appreciates the support from their sponsors and recognizes the role that sponsors play in contributing to education and in creating a stronger province. Our sponsors include local individuals and corporations.

Our corporate sponsors include:

  • Crown Investment Corporation, PotashCorp, SIGA, SaskEnergy, Sasktel, SaskPower, SGI, Scotiabank, Enbridge, Lockheed Martin, Canadian Shields Financial, Nexen, Great West Life, Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunities Scholarship Fund, University of Lethbridge, Sask Gaming, and Farm Credit Canada.

Local individual sponsors include:

  • Irene Bellegarde Family, Oskayak Scholarship, Cornerstone Photography, Breck Scaffold Solutions,  and West Wind Aviation.
  • Thank You! SIIT is grateful for the support contributed by individuals and companies in support of our student’s path to education.  Thank you to all our sponsors for helping our student’s to succeed!

How to become a contributor

  • If you or your organization is interested in contributing to student learning by establishing a student scholarship, a partnership or other financial aid please contact ,  SIIT at 306-244-4444.