Student Association

The Student Association (SA) is about decision making by and for students at SIIT. Get involved and contribute to how things happen!

Past Events

Saskatoon SLC's Annual General Meeting
December 8, 2016 - Saskatoon, SK


The Saskatoon SLC has been hard at work this year with restructuring their presence amongst the student body. A major goal of theirs has been to ensure students are confident in those who represent them. They plan to leave a benchmark for the future SLC's and hope that positive changes are duly noted and continually implemented.

As you may or may not know, the SLC is hosting their Annual General Meeting on Thursday, December 8th from 11:00am to 1:00pm. They are calling out to all staff and students to join them in a discussion of previous, current, and future relevant information in regards to student involvement. The discussion will include a 45 minute Q&A with SIIT President, Riel Bellegarde and FNU President, Mark Dockstator.

They would like to reach out to other campuses, staffing locations, and programs being held at other locations. (PA and Regina staff, please help promote the live stream of the AGM so that students can watch. A link on the SIIT Facebook Page will be available also.)  In an attempt to reach everyone, we are offering a live stream link to the meeting.

Saskatoon SLC



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