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The business program at SIIT provides students with a general overview of the major business functions you will encounter in small, medium and large companies or organizations. You will have the opportunity to learn business theory and to try your hand at many concepts via individual and group assignments. In fact, through class projects SIIT students have influenced changes on campus such as water bottle fill stations and a pride centre!

The business program runs from September – April. At the end of year one you will receive a business certificate. Students who successfully complete year one can continue on to year two and receive a business diploma.


  • Management
  • Administration
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Merchandising
  • Personnel
  • Customer Service
  • Entrepreneurship


Interested in a university degree?  We can help with that, too!

SIIT’s business diploma is recognized by Edwards School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan and First Nations University of Canada which allow students to transfer into the degree program at the end of year two.


Program Overview

The Business program is offered up to two years. Students who succesfully complete year one will receive the Business Certificate. Students can continue into the second year and will receive the Business Diploma upon completion. 

The certificate level of the program covers fundamental concepts required for all business professionals. The content in the year two diploma program consists of a core portion of courses. To graduate, students must complete all courses with a minimum overall average of 60%.

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Admission Requirements

One-Year Certificate


Regular Admissions:

  • Regular Grade 12/Adult 12/GED

One of the following or equivalent:

  • Math: Workplace and Apprenticeship 30

  • Math: Foundations 30

  • Math: Pre-Calculus 30

  • Math: Calculus

Mature Admission 

  • 21-years-of-age or older
  • Any applicant under special admission is subject to a CAAT Assessment

Two-Year Diploma

Succesful completion of the one-year Business Certificate.

Tuition & Fees

Based on 2017/18 Tuition & Fees:

Tuition: $3700.00
Book and Resources: $1500.00
Compulsory Fees: $525.00
UPASS (City Transit): $248.00 [If applicable]

Graduation Requirements

To graduate for either the Certificate or Diploma, students must complete all courses with a minimum average of 60%.