Program Overview

This training program is a Professional Driver Improvement course that provides certification for a Class 1A driver and the skills required for log-haul truck driving and other related safety tickets. The program provides comprehensive training and extended experience with the specialized equipment used in log hauling in the forestry industry. This includes tractor-trailers involved with log hauling. Successful completion of this program allows a graduate to waive the 50,000 km driving experience required by the Saskatchewan Department of Highways to haul logs in Saskatchewan.


  • Students learn through a combination of classroom and in-vehicle training.

Admission Requirements:

Non-Academic Requirements: 

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Current résumé; Social Insurance Number
  • Valid Class 5 driver’s licence
  • Current class 1A driver’s medical
  • Current & acceptable driver’s abstract.

Industry requirements:

  • Work place requirements include good eyesight, hearing, manual dexterity, and physical mobility.

Career Opportunities:

  • Graduates find entry-level work in the forestry log-hauling industry as driver/operators.

Length of Program:

  • Minimum 540 hours; the program runs on an extended day to get the driving hours in.

Graduation Document:

  • Applied Certificate
  • Students must pass all courses in the program to graduate. The assessment method is pass/fail using performance checklists.