Program Overview


During this six-week program, learners become well-versed in site safety and the fundamentals of how to install and safely dismantle concrete form work to protect the concrete and to prolong the life of the forms. Operations for placing concrete, such as bulkheads, keyways, control joints, expansion joints, and isolation joints, will be studied. There is a strong emphasis on hands-on learning with a focus on preparing learners to do well on job sites upon graduating and obtaining employment.


  • The program is a combination of classroom and practical shop experience.

Admission Requirements:

  • Academic Requirements: Grade 10 preferred with Math 10 and Science 10, but applicants with other academic credentials will be considered.
  • Non-Academic Requirements: Applicants must have completed Safety Construction Orientation Training (SCOT) or Construction Safety Training System (CSTS) certification. Ideal candidates like to work with their hands and enjoy working outdoors and as a member of a construction crew.
  • Work place requirements include good eyesight, hearing, manual dexterity, and physical mobility. Workers may have to work at heights, in all weather conditions, and in confined spaces.

Career Opportunities:

  • Graduates will find entry-level work in the residential or industrial construction industry at both the First Nation community level and in urban areas.

Length of Program:  

  •  Six weeks

Graduation Document:   

  • Certificate of Attendance