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CWB Test Preparation

This program prepares learners with previous welding experience to take the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) tests for certain welds. It provides knowledge and skills development in operating welding equipment and performing specific welding operations to be tested by CWB using current welding standards.

After the completion of the week long training, participants will be granted a test day by a CWB inspector. The outcome is dependant on the skill of the participant to gain CWB certification.


Admission Requirements

Academic Requirements:

  • None

Non-Academic Requirements: 

  • Previous experience as a welder. Individuals are responsible for providing and/or wearing leather gloves, nonflammable clothing, safety glasses, steel toe boots and welding helmet/shield. 
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CWB Pre-Test

If you are required to complete a CWB pre-test, the PDF is available to download by clicking here.