Program Overview

The Forestry Equipment Operator (FEO) program provides training in the safe operation of mechanized forestry equipment, routine maintenance of machinery, and skills development in the basic operations of processing, bunching, delimbing, skidding, and other forestry equipment operations.


  • The FEO program concentrates on hands-on skills development, with approximately 80% of the program spent in the field and on the machines, and 20% spent in the classroom.

Admission Requirements:

  • Academic Requirements: Grade 10 is preferred. Other academic qualifications will be considered.
  • Non-Academic Requirements: Valid Class 5 driver’s license.
  • Industry Requirements: Good eyesight, hearing, manual dexterity, and hand-eye coordination. Individuals must be physically fit. Note: Grade 12 may be preferred by employers.

Career Opportunities:

  • Employment will be found in a variety of operations that use mechanized forestry equipment. Sectors that use this type of equipment include forestry harvesting operations, road building, and the oil and gas industry.

Length of Program:

  • The program runs 6 to 12 weeks depending on the specific requirements of the client. Length is dependent upon the number and type of machines used in the training, as well as the delivery schedule (training hours per day, training days per week) and on the number of learners per machine. The minimum length of program provides training on at least two machines.

Graduation Document: 

  • Applied Certificate
  • Evaluation in the program is based on skills development assessment, not academic testing. A PASS/FAIL grading system will be used in evaluating the skills learned. To graduate a learner must achieve a PASS grade for all courses in the program that are delivered. Skills developed during the training will be evaluated using a skills proficiency checklist.