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Program Overview:

The Women in Trades (WIT) program is specifically designed to assist women who want to develop the basic skills necessary for entry-level work in construction. The main focus of the program is hands-on skill development. Courses include construction academics, site safety, use of hand tools, and construction basics. Participants also have an opportunity to develop an understanding of the work involved in trades such as carpentry, electrical, plumbing, painting, framing, drywall application, and roofing.

Academic Requirement(s):

Determined by Funding Agency.

Non-Academic Requirements(s):



Ideal candidates should like to work with their hands, enjoy working outdoors, and work as a member of a construction crew.

Length of Program:

Minimum 12 weeks. The program can be adapted in length and content to accommodate student qualifications and regional labour market needs, as well as the participant and client goals.

Graduation Document:

Applied Certificate